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Cialis es un medicamento maravilloso tratamiento de la disfunción eréctil, sin embargo es necesario tener mucho cuidado antes de comprar en línea Cialis Cialis de Farmacia. Echemos un vistazo de cerca a algunos de sus efectos conocidos y precauciones.

• Se sabe que un número muy pequeño de hombres han perdido la visión después de tomar Cialis. Esto ocurre porque el flujo sanguíneo se bloquea el nervio óptico. Las personas que tienen cualquier tipo de problemas cardiacos, diabetes, presión arterial alta, colesterol alto o problemas en los ojos son más propensos a sufrir problemas de visión. Por lo tanto, se aconseja no tomar Cialis o si se solicita sólo después de consultar con un médico.

• Las personas que están bajo cualquier tipo de medicamentos (nitratos o bloqueadores alfa-drogas) no deben tomar Cialis. Esto se debe a la combinación de estos dos medicamentos puede resultar en súbita de la presión arterial, que puede conducir a un ataque al corazón o un derrame cerebral.

• Aunque Cialis puede tomarse con alcohol, la ingesta de una cantidad excesiva de alcohol debe ser evitado. Esto aumenta el riesgo de dolor de cabeza, mareos, aumento del ritmo cardíaco o presión arterial baja.

• Los hombres mayores de 65 años son más propensos a experimentar los efectos secundarios de Cialis. Ellos deben verificar con un médico para conocer la mejor dosis de este medicamento.

• A pesar de los malos efectos de Cialis no debe considerarse en las mujeres, en general se recomienda no ser tomado por mujeres.

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• Recuerde siempre Cialis no es una cura para la disfunción eréctil. Además, no protege al hombre oa su pareja de enfermedades de transmisión sexual, incluido el VIH.


CIALIS 50mg tadalafil

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CIALIS 50mg tadalafil

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Copies of the pages of the Mufti Diaries on the Hitler meeting:
Mufti diary 1

Something went terribly wrong in the aftermath of the defeat of evil. The face of Hitler's soulmate, the Grand Mufti Haj Amin El Husseini, should be seared on the conscience of man as powerful an evil icon as Hitler. The Grand Mufti should be as large and as powerful a symbol of evil as Heil Hitler. And yet he is not. Worse, his responsibility is little known, and where he is known, he is celebrated, exalted in the Islamic world.

Read the Mufti's personal recollections of his time with Hitler. The [Ed.] in brackets is not me but the original document, THE ARAB HIGHER COMMITTEE: ITS ORIGINS, PERSONNEL AND PURPOSES, submitted to the UN in 1947:


Haj Amin El Husseini, recording in his own handwriting his meeting with Hitler in his diary, says:

The words of the Fuehrer on the 6th of Zul Qaada 1360 of the Hejira (which falls on the 21st of November 1941) Berlin, Friday, from 4:30 P.M. till a few minutes after 6.

The objectives of my fight are clear. Primarily, I am fighting the Jews without respite, and this fight includes the fight against the so-called Jewish National Home in Palestine because the Jews want to establish there a central government for their own pernicious purposes, and to undertake a devastating and ruinous expansion at the expense of the governments of the world and of other peoples.

It is clear that the Jews have accomplished nothing in Palestine and their claims are lies. All the accomplishments in Palestine are due to the Arabs and not to the Jews. I am resolved to find a solution for the Jewish problem, progressing step by step without cessation. With regard to this I am making the necessary and right appeal, first to all the European countries and then to countries outside of Europe.

It is true that our common enemies are Great Britain and the Soviets whose principles are opposed to ours. But behind them stand hidden Jewry which drives them both. Jewry has but one aim in both these countries. We are now in the midst of a life and death struggle against both these nations. This fight will not only determine the outcome of the struggle between National Socialism and Jewry, but the whole conduct of this successful war will be of great and positive help to the Arabs who are engaged in the same struggle.

This is not only an abstract assurance.* A mere promise would be of no value whatsoever. But assurance which rests upon a conquering force is the only one which has real value. In the Iraqi campaign, for instance, the sympathy of the whole German people was for Iraq. It was our aim to help Iraq, but circumstances prevented us from furnishing actual help. The German people saw in them (in the Iraqis – Ed.) comrades in suffering because the German people too have suffered as they have. All the help we gave Iraq was not sufficient to save Iraq from the British forces. For this reason it is necessary to underscore one thing: in this struggle which will decide the fate of the Arabs I can now speak as a man dedicated to an ideal and as a military leader and a soldier. Everyone united in this great struggle who helps to bring about its successful outcome, serves the common cause and thus serves the Arab cause. Any other view means weakening the military situation and thus offers no help to the Arab cause. Therefore it is necessary for us to decide the steps which can help us against world Jewry, against Communist Russia and England, and which among them can be most useful. Only if we win the war will the hour of deliverance also be the hour of fulfillment of Arab aspirations.

The situation is as follows: We are conducting the great struggle to open the way to the North of the Caucasus. The difficulties involved are more than transportation because of the demolished railways and roads and because of winter weather. And if I venture in these circumstances to issue a declaration with regard to Syria, then the pro-de Gaulle elements in France will be strengthened and this might cause a revolt in France. These men (the French) will be convinced then that joining Britain is more advantageous and the detachment of Syria is a pattern to be followed in the remainder of the French Empire. This will strengthen de Gaulle’s stand in the colonies. If the declaration is issued now, difficulties will arise in Western Europe which will cause the diversion of some (German – Ed.) forces for defensive purposes, thus preventing us from sending all our forces to the East.

Now I am going to tell you something I would like you to keep secret.

First, I will keep up my fight until the complete destruction of the Judeo-Bolshevik rule has been accomplished.

Second, during the struggle (and we don’t know when victory will come, but probably not in the far future) we will reach the Southern Caucasus.

Third, then I would like to issue a declaration; for then the hour of the liberation of the Arabs will have arrived. Germany has no ambitions in this area but cares only to annihilate the power which produces the Jews.

Fourth, I am happy that you have escaped and that you are now with the Axis powers. The hour will strike when you will be the lord of the supreme word and not only the conveyer of our declarations. You will be the man to direct the Arab force and at that moment I cannot imagine what would happen to the Western peoples.

Fifth, I think that with this Arab advance begins the dismemberment of the British world. The road from Rostov to Iran and Iraq is shorter than the distance from Berlin to Rostov. We hope next year to smash this barrier. It is better then and not now that a declaration should be issued as (now) we cannot help in anything.

I understand the Arab desire for this (declaration – Ed.), but His Excellency the Mufti must understand that only five years after I became President of the German government and Fuehrer of the German people, was I able to get such a declaration (the Austrian Union – Ed.), and this because military forces prevented me from issuing such a declaration. But when the German Panzer tanks and the German air squadrons reach the Southern Caucasus, then will be the time to issue the declaration.

He said (in reply to a request that a secret declaration or a treaty be made) that a declaration known to a number of persons cannot remain secret but will become public. I (Hitler) have made very few declarations in my life, unlike the British who have made many declarations. If I issue a declaration, I will uphold it. Once I promised the Finnish Marshal that I would help his country if the enemy attacks again. This word of mine made a stronger impression than any written declaration.

Recapitulating, I want to state the following to you: When we shall have arrived in the Southern Caucasus, then the time of the liberation of the Arabs will have arrived. And you can rely on my word.

We were troubled about you. I know your life history. I followed with interest your long and dangerous journey. I was very concerned about you. I am happy that you are with us now and that you are now in a position to add your strength to the common cause.

*This is a reply to the insistent request of the Mufti for an Axis declaration to the Arabs. See Mufti’s drafts in following pages.

Source: [1]

I will be uploading and posting more, much more, in the coming days of the tight partnership between Islam and the Reich. And the original owner of the Auschwitz blueprints.

Mufti diary

UPDATE: For readers that queried how did the German racist view square with an Arab vs Aryan:

Mufti blue eyes


Jovem que sofreu overdose de viagra ligou para polícia e acabou sendo preso

Um rapaz de 28 anos foi preso na semana passada, ele ligou três vezes para o serviço de emergência da polícia no estado da Flórida, nos EUA, dizendo que havia sofrido uma overdose de cheap cialis, segundo reportagem do jornal "Sun Sentinel".

Matthew Wade Douglas Jr. fez as ligações de um celular e não estava na casa onde disse que estava. No entanto as autoridades reproduziram a gravação para o proprietário da casa, que reconheceu a voz como sendo do namorado de sua filha.

De acordo com a informação da polícia, o suspeito forneceu um nome falso e disse que precisava de ajuda médica, pois havia tomado muitos comprimidos de Viagra.

Fonte: G1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Processor with Nvidia Tegra 2, Android 3.0 and S AMOLED Display
News about the Galaxy Tab second The Indian news portal One India has put together the likely components of the new system purchase cialis from Samsung. Here, the Indians rely on various insider sources. The most important achievement of the new cialis, according to Inida One: A display that is based on the super-AMOLED technology, developed by Samsung and last year it was first installed on a smartphone.

The AMOLED technology could be the resolution of the new tablets to 2,048 x 1,200 pixels can be increased. At the same time the new display would be more economical in energy consumption, and would clearly reflect less sunlight. however, there is no change likely to be the screen size of the new Samsung 2nd Galaxy Tab One expects India continues here with seven inches. The processor speculates the online portal to the Tegra 2 series from Nvidia. This dual-core processors known to score with a clock speed of one gigahertz and were already in Motorola Tablet "Zoom" to fit.

Hardly surprisingly, the proposed second key data for the Galaxy Tab 2, which has brought together India One. Thus, it is one gigabyte of memory. The internal memory should be 64 GB. The operating system on the Android 3.0 (aka "Honeycomb") speculates on Google. This system should be on 2 February, the public will be presented. Apart from two cameras, the new Galaxy Tab 2 also has a module for Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi Adapter: include (transmission standard 802.11-b/g/n-).

Whether India will remain one of his guesses right shows, in a few days. On 13 February, Samsung loaded in advance of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to the press conference. At this event, in addition to the Galaxy S 2 is also the Galaxy Tab 2 are presented.

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